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Our Guiding Principle

Our Guiding Principle

At AV Advantage, our guiding principle is to provide our customers with an Audio/Visual rental experience that is second to none. Each product has been specifically chosen to provide professional performance and ease of use. Shipping cases for our laptop computers, projectors and PA systems have custom tailored interiors for maximum protection in transit. Every A/V rental ships with a customized set up chart. For our projector rentals, the manufacturer’s operator manual is included.
When an order is shipped to a customer’s office, home or event venue, it is electronically tracked from start to finish. Our staff sees to it that UPS notifies each customer with a delivery confirmation that includes the date & time of delivery, as well as the name of the person that signed for the shipment. During the rental period, the technicians at AV Advantage are available for toll-free telephone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once the event is over, all the customer has to do is simply affix the provided UPS return label, and leave the equipment in the appropriate UPS pickup area. If there is no daily UPS pick up service at the venue, the AV Advantage staff will arrange for UPS to pick up the shipment.
Once a unit arrives back to our warehouse, it is prepared for the next rental. The unit does not go back to the shelf until it is “AV Advantage Ready” for the next customer. For example, every projector goes through a forty point inspection upon return. Every item is cleaned, tested, and re-supplied with consumables before it is deemed ready for the next customer. Before a laptop is sent out for rental, the operating system as well as all popular audio and video codecs are updated. The screen and keyboard are cleaned, and all files that may have been left by the previous user are removed.
Underpinning our effort is our inventory control system. Every piece of equipment at AV Advantage has a unique bar code identifier affixed to the unit and/or the shipping case. The location and operational state of any unit can be instantly accessed, be it in the field, or in the warehouse.

What all of the above adds up to is consistent quality control that provides us with the confidence to assert that our guiding principle is fulfilled: Providing our customers with an Audio/Visual rental experience that is second to none.

Core Team

Our Core Team




Vice President

Brian Herbert

Director of Technology and Logistics

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